logo debating clubDebate 06/01/2017


Are « veganism » and vegetarianism only a fashion or a new sensible and more human way to consume ?


Today, veganism is a fashion. But it will last as humanity will have to do that. Mass production as it is carried on today cannot go on endlessly. It will have to stop.

Some people say that, if you are vegan, you will have health problems and you put yourself in dangers. But that’s false !

Veganism is maybe too radical ??? Vegetarianism is maybe a good middle way ?

Perhaps we’re not ready to accept vegans today yet. They’re going too far.

Esteban’s parents are currently turning vegans. They consume less meat. But it’s difficult for Esteban’s little sister.

Why do some people hate vegans ? Overall they’re more human than we are !

Debaters : Delphine, Lola, Esteban, Lise, Cindy