Débat du vendredi 20 janvier 2017 : Is Modern society approaching gender equality ?

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We started by saying that, no, society doesn’t approach gender equality, because there’s still too much work to do, since most people think the problem is from the girls themselves, because it seems they are more likely to cheat on boys, than boys cheat on them. In this society, this kind of situation is more pointed out than its opposite.

We then said that, contrary to general opinion, there are more girls going in scientific studies than there are boys, even then, more boys are employed in scientific jobs.

Also, scientific studies show that, a girl with excellent grades will have the same pay as a boy with average grades, for the same job, the quality is only valued when it concerns the same gender.

We thought this situation exists because the education has a lot to do with it, for an education is impossible without teaching children about stereotypes.

We questioned the parity, should it be necessary, obligatory ?

Is it really possible to erase any kind of differences between boys and girls ?

Someone then proposed to name girls with boys names, not all boy names are good to give, of course, but for example: Hugo for a girl.

Someone else then proposed that, maybe it was good to use ambiguous names like : Axel/le, Gaël/le, etc…

We then concluded that society had still a long way to long to reach gender equality, and that it should start at the source : the education and the stereotypes.


D. Fontes, TL2