18 décembre 2019

Danish students in our high school !

The week's schedule :    Monday 18th November Monday from 9am to 11:30am, we met with the Danish in the meeting room in Building 3. First time we presented our high school with a collaborative presentation. After they were the ones who introduced us to how the Danish educational system works. Then we did a speed meeting in order to get to know each other. At noon, we ate together at the canteen. At the beginning of the afternoon we divide ourselves into small groups of two French and three Danish high... [Lire la suite]
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19 mars 2019

Students of STI2D in Copenhague

The Erasmus + exchange has now come to an end for this year. French students of STI2D went to Copenhague for a week before the holidays (February 16th to 23rd) and experienced Danish lifestyle and schooling. For more information visit the Erasmus + blog at http://sectioneurojmb.canalblog.com/ A. Canezi-Bres
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15 janvier 2019

Exchanges with the Danish students

Students from TL interviewed the Danish teenagers from Copenhague and got a miscellany of reaction. The Danish students came from the H.C. Oersted Frederiksberg highschool in Copenhague. They came (november 2018) to Jean-Moulin highschool thanks to the Erasmus and partnership between the two schools. Their project is about finding new kinds of energy and new ways to store it to curb global warming. Schools At school, Danish don’t have to wear uniforms, they are free about the way they dress up, like in France. Generally... [Lire la suite]
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21 mars 2017

Global Warming : Arrivée au Danemark

  C’est le début de l’ACTIVITE 2 du projet ERASMUS+ "Global Warming". Nos jeunes lycéens biterrois du lycée Jean-Moulin, étudiant en STI2D, s’envolent pour Copenhague. Pendant 15 jours, ils vont finaliser leur projet avec leur partenaire, le lycée TEC (Technical Education Copenhague). M. Albert   Vous pouvez suivre l’évolution du projet sur le blog : http://sectioneurojmb.canalblog.com/  
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