Students from TL interviewed the Danish teenagers from Copenhague and got a miscellany of reaction.

The Danish students came from the H.C. Oersted Frederiksberg highschool in Copenhague. They came (november 2018) to Jean-Moulin highschool thanks to the Erasmus and partnership between the two schools.

PHOTO-2018-11-16-16-11-54Their project is about finding new kinds of energy and new ways to store it to curb global warming.


At school, Danish don’t have to wear uniforms, they are free about the way they dress up, like in France.

Generally speaking, they are more free than in France. They told us they could do whatever they wanted as long as they were in class. They can also call their teachers by their first names. It seems they have the same social status.

They also have a lot of parties, each month and for special events, like Halloween, Christmas, Easter and the end of the school year.

They have a « cool » school rhythm, they have in general five classes per day. However they have a lot of homework to do at home.

At school they can learn professional skills and they can choose the subjects they want to learn. It allows them to have a more pleasant experience at school, as they are not compelled to follow a subject they don’t like or they’re bad at in highschool. To take their exams, they must attend a certain number of hours in the year, which means that if a teacher was missing, they must get them back later. English is mandatory before highschool, and they also learn French, or German and sometimes Chinese.

Overall they seem to like their school system thanks to the freedom and choices they have. They seem to be a lot more at ease than us at school, especially regarding oral and communication skills.

According to them, French schools are very strict.

LGBT rights and discrimination

In Denmark, same-sex people can get married, like in France. Besides, there are what’s called « pride weeks » celebrations with special flags, T-shirts… There are also rights for transgender people too. The majority of Danish people seem to be pro LGBT rights because they are open-minded. They are not very religious so for them it’s normal to be tolerant.


There are many differences between French and Danish food.

According to one Danish student, their food is tasteless ! They found also that French food is very varied. They tasted « coq au vin » and loved it ! They also liked our cheese, and enjoyed eating at the canteen.

They told us that vegetarianism was quite common in Denmark.


Before coming, the Danish thought that French people didn’t know how to speak English and were very touchy-feely !
They also mentioned food, with cheese, snails and baguettes !
Clothes-wise, they had the image of the French beret and the striped T-shirts !

It was a great experience speaking with teenagers coming from another country, sharing about our different lifestyles.

TL students