logo debating clubDebate April 21st : Should vote be made compulsory ?

Today vote is not compulsory, If you don't want to, you don't vote. But Lise thinks that vote doesn’t have to be an obligation, because obligation makes vote a chore. But if you don't go to vote you don't express your opinion, nobody hears you. But Cindy said that if nobody is coming to vote, it will be an event, so maybe it can be efficient. We disagree with the compulsory nature of vote. We can't force people who don't want to talk. However if we compel people who don't want to vote to go to the ballots, percentage is growing, so make it compulsory can be a solution, a way to make democracy real. Because if just 50% of people vote it is not really democracy.

What about lowering the voting age at 16 ? Some people say young people are not interested in political questions, and they won't go to vote. But there are many young people who want to vote. Even if they can vote like their parents, and sometimes the contrary of their parents!

What about blank vote? If you have a blank vote you express the fact that neither candidate suits you. If there is a majority of people who have a blank vote, we could change all the candidates for new ones. Would recognizing the blank vote be relevant? For Esteban, the outcome of the second election will be the same, because if the candidates lost in the first, the new will have lower popularity than first ones, so nobody will vote for them it's paradoxical.

Maybe we have to change the way of voting. Because it's difficult to choose between several candidates.

Maybe we can learn politics in school to make teenagers more interested. In “education civique” for example, or in philosophy.

Debaters: Lise, Cindy, Esteban