Debate n°1(30/09/16)

Do you think reality games such as Pokemon Go can be harmful to teenagers ?

Overall, there were more arguments criticizing the game than arguments underlining its positive aspects.

To begin with the positive arguments, video games are not harmful to teenagers as long as you organize your time. Besides, it also allows you to meet people as you gather with other players.

Yet, although reality games such as Pokemon Go can be considered as healthy as they encourage people to walk through their town, most video games on the contrary tend to favour the couch-potato streak that teenagers can develop instead of helping them to get out and socialize.

Moreover, video games can easily create a real addiction ! Amira mentioned the example of someone who would get up at night to play !

Reality games might also be dangerous as you can easily hit a tree or bump into a car as you’re not watching what’s going on outside ! Of course the company that created the game is not to be held responsible for that, but accidents must be taken seriously.

Finally with reality games your space localization is known to everyone, so there is no privacy anymore. Everyone can follow you to steal your phone and beat you up for example.

Written by Mrs Canezi-Brès

Debaters : Delphine Fontes, Melisa Alici, Amira Daoudi, Lise Hugot-Jamme, Cindy Dessaigne, Laura Daho, Emilie Huguet


Debate n°2 (07/10/16)

Should French schools adopt the uniform like in the UK ?

Last Friday, at the debate club, we talked about the uniform at school. After all, we were more in favor of the uniform than against.

At the begining, we said that the uniform is sexist, because it forces girls to wear skirts, it's not fair. What's more, the uniform is a limit to express oneself and everybody doesn't want to wear the same clothes as others. We have a solution for that : the uniform can have different forms (like pants, shorts, skirt) to please to all the teenagers, or be just one color.

In this condition, the uniform is a great solution, according to us, against discrimination about clothes, and prevents teenagers from being bullied. Moreover, the uniform can create a school indentity, and make students more interested in the life of the school.

We wondered if the price of the uniform could be a problem. Indeed, poor families can't buy a brand new and nice uniform, so there could be a discrimination for the person who has a bad uniform. The region could give the uniform (like our computers).

Finally, at the end of the hour we still had things to say. But we can conclude that the uniform can be great in French schools, but not the same as in the UK: one with little modifications.

 Written by Lise Hugot-Jamme

 Debaters : Melisa Alici, Amira Daoudi, Lise Hugot-Jamme, Cindy Dessaigne

 Commentaires :

« Chaque semaine il y a un nouveau sujet et celui de cette semaine à propos des uniformes était vraiment très intéressant car ça nous concerne tous. » Melissa

« Je trouve le débat intéressant, on peut débattre sur des sujets très sérieux ou un peu moins et cela nous permet de pouvoir donner notre avis dans le respect et la bonne entente. » Amira

 « Je suis nulle en anglais mais ce débat sur les uniformes était vraiment bien, puisqu'en France nous n'en avons pas. Le club me permet de m’améliorer. » Cindy

 « Même en petit comité la conversation est très fournie, et je pense que nous aurions pu encore parler de l'uniforme une heure de plus. » Lise